stepping into a new year

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Fare thee well 2020, I will always remember you as the year of clarity as you have certainly lived up to your task of facilitating 20/20 vision. Thank you for all your assistance in giving me eyes to see the illusions from what is real.

This year I am grateful to take in the final sunset of the year from the Gulf of Mexico where I notice a dolphin swimming across the waves from the illuminated area of the sunset into the dark and then back to the light where he I see him unite with a second dolphin.

This intelligent and loving companion to humanity reminding me of the inseparability of light and dark and the importance of our willingness to be with the dark and to look at the shadows as they lead us back to light. And a reminder that we are beings of free will and we are always choosing our experience. While it is important to acknowledge the dark, at no point are we required to make this our experience. Even in the darkest moments, if we take a step back and look around we see there is always an alternate path. A path illuminated by truth that you are strong, you are beautiful and you are free.

Here’s wishing you a beautiful, healthy and prosperous new year knowing you are never alone on this journey. And remember, as the Jungian quote says “Keep your shadow in front of you. It can only only take you down from behind.”

Much love to you in this new year



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